Fayetteville Presbyterian

A Lenten Practice

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Recognize the presence of the LORD our God, who is always present with us, and in whose presence we live.

Pervasiveness of life’s busyness distracts us from “God is here! We are in the presence of the LORD!” “I am with you always.” (Jesus, Matthew 28:20)

Long enough to “settle in”, often enough to “set”, in special quiet and in the midst of daily activity. Listen… to the Psalter… in Hebrew. Let the words of the psalmist in their original language help you recognize the presence of the LORD our God.

Lying in the cacophony of Hebrew syllables and words totally unrecognizable to us are “the LORD our God”: the LORD, Adonai; and God, Elohim.

Listen. Hear the presence of the LORD our God, Adonai Elohim, in the ancient words of Hebrew Scripture. Listen. Hear. Adonai. Elohim. Surrounded by that which to us is unintelligible, let us hear Adonia; let us hear Elohim.

Let us celebrate and give thanks that we are, always, in the very presence of the LORD our God. All glory and honor and praise be to our Lord. Alleluia! Amen.